Saturday, September 24, 2011

Secular Individualism

This past week I have focused a lot on secular individualism and how it is affecting my life.  Secular individualism is becoming more and more prominent in our society and is causing people to believe that families are no longer very important.  Many people view dependency as a sign of weakness and once you commit to marrying someone, you lose yourself and can't accomplish all of the things that you wanted to because someone is "tying you down".  Our society is suffering because of this and in order for marriage and families to survive, we need to promote it in a positive way.
There are many reasons for secular individualism.  People feel that once they are married, they can't fulfill their dreams that they had for themselves.  Marriage doesn't stop you from fulfilling your dreams it just helps you to make new and better dreams with someone else in the picture.  You have to make a lot of sacrifices when you get married and realize that starting a family is more important then some of the selfish goals that we all have for ourselves.  Another reason for secular individualism is that we may be scared to commit to someone because it's uncomfortable and hard.  A lot of trials do come along with marriage but working through those trials will only bring you closer to your spouse.  Elder Holland said "love is what you go through together".  If you work through your problems, you can have a successful marriage.
It's a scary thing getting married and I struggle with the thought of fully depending on someone else but after reading and talking about secular individualism in my marriage class, I have realized all of the wonderful things that come from marriage.  Once we are married, we aren't letting ourselves go and giving up on our dreams but rather enhancing ourselves and creating new dreams with the person that we love.