Sunday, October 2, 2011

Premarital Sex

This week in class, we learned about several different factors that cause unhealthy families.  Those factors included; a significant increase in cohabitation, delayed marriage, employed mothers with young children, unmarried mothers, an increase in divorce rates and premarital sex.  Out of those recent trends, the one that stands out to me the most is premarital sex and the effects it has on future marriage.

In our society today, it's normal to have intercourse with several different partners before marriage.  Even younger children are noticing this trend and becoming more accustomed to the idea of sex before marriage.  This trend has become very detrimental to families in our society and has lead to many different problems.

A major problem with premarital sex are the after effects of the act.  Many people, especially adolescents have unprotected sex before marriage which leads to pregnancy.  The problem with this, is that so many children are being raised in homes with only one parent.  Not only is this hard on the single parent but it is also  destructive for the child who is being raised in an unstable family.  Families are being destroyed from premarital sex because of the risk of pregnancy.  A child born out of wedlock will most likely struggle with emotional problems because of it and may keep the trend going and have a child of their own out of wedlock.  Another issue with premarital sex is that it can lead to infidelity within a marriage.  This often occurs because the spouse has had past sexual relationships with other people and it's hard for them to stick with having sex with just his or her spouse.  It also opens doors to past "lovers" and a spouse can easily go back to a past lover and start up sexual relationships with them again.  Premarital sex is becoming such a common thing in our society and unfortunately, people aren't thinking of the consequences that can come from it.  Sex before marriage is causing a destruction in the family and people need to become more aware of this so that families can be saved.

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