Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gender Traits and Roles

This week in class, we talked a lot about the different roles of males and females.  I really enjoyed talking about this because it's interesting to to see how different men and women are.  For instance, women are more likely to be the nurturers and they have a better ability to do or think about several things at one time.  Men on the other hand are more focused on tasks rather then relationships and are very focused on one thing at a time and usually cannot multi-task.

The different traits of men and women can either be detramental or positive in a relationship.  Since men and women are opposites in many ways, it is sometimes difficult to make a relationship work.  It's important to understand and accept the different traits because we are all going to or have dealt with it at some point in our lives.

Sometimes it is hard for people to understand how a marriage is going to workout.  But Heavenly Father gave us different traits because he knew that the traits would balance each other out.  I think of marriage between a man and a woman is like a puzzle.  When we are single, independent and living our own lives, we have many traits of our own but are missing some very important ones that would make our lives a lot easier and more enjoyable if we had them.  When we get married, the spouse fills in the missing pieces of the puzzle and you fill in his missing pieces and together, you make a complete puzzle.  That's why marriage is so important because without one or the other, you can't be as successful in life.  I'm grateful for the perspective that I have on gender roles and for knowing that they are divine and of God.  Without the differences of the roles, it would be difficult to manage a family and I know that it's very important to accept and understand the differences in men and women.

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