Saturday, November 5, 2011


This week in class, we talked about the type of friendships that you should have once you are married.  I have never really thought this much into detail about this subject but am so glad that we talked about it in class.  I now I have an understanding of what I should and shoudn't be doing. 

When you are married, it could be detrimental to have a relationship with someone (other than your spouse) where you share very personal information about yourself with.  Having such a tight bond with someone else could cause many problems.  One of the problems is that it may seem like the "friend" that you are so close to understands you better than your spouse, listens more closely to your problems and cares about you more.  Having such a close friend is what usually leads to an affair.  Another problem is, if a spouse is has a really tight bond with someone outside of the marriage, it causes them to give their spouse less attention.  It also causes the spouse to not talk to their spouse about their deepest feelings because they are already talking to a friend and don't feel the need to talk to more about it. Once you are married, your best friend should be your spouse.  Your spouse should be the one that you confide in, vent to, trust and tell all of your problems and feelings to.  Sharing all of that with someone else could eventually lead to an affair. 

Knowing the keys to a successful marriage are very important.  Even wonderful people are very prone to falling into the temptation of having an affair.  You have to keep yourself away from the things that may lead you to cheat on your spouse whether it is sexually or emotionally, both cause great pain in a marriage.  Staying away from close relationships with people other than your spouse is one of the key points to keeping your marriage healthy and having the best relationship with your spouse as possible.

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